Kenya’s Most Trusted App and USSD to Convert Airtime into M-Pesa

How Do I Quickly Convert Airtime into M-Pesa in Kenya?

Convert Airtime into M-Pesa– In Kenya, Safaricom customers now have the convenience of effortlessly converting their airtime balances into cash through the innovative services provided by Olickhom.

This quick, easy, and secure platform streamlines the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

To leverage the benefits of Olickhom, follow these straightforward steps:

Download the Olickhom App: Begin by downloading the user-friendly Olickhom app, available for easy access on your mobile device. You can download the app from the Google Play Store here.

Navigate to “Convert Airtime to M-Pesa”: Once in the app, locate and select the “Convert Airtime to M-Pesa” option.

Specify the Amount to Convert: Enter the desired amount of airtime you wish to convert into cash.

Preview the Transaction: The app will display the corresponding amount you will receive post-conversion for your confirmation.

Click “Convert”: Confirm your transaction by clicking the “Convert” button.

Follow Confirmation Procedure: Initiate a call to the provided codes and receive the M-Pesa confirmation message instantly. PLEASE NOTE: DON’T CHANGE THE CODES.

Olickhom’s services extend beyond airtime conversion:

Buy Airtime with a Bonus: Purchase Safaricom airtime and receive an extra 10%.
Cross-Network Airtime Purchase: Buy airtime for any network and receive it instantly.
Convenient Paybill Transactions: Utilize Paybill 939939, with your phone number as the account number, for seamless airtime purchase.
Become an Agent: Join as an agent, sell airtime, and earn substantial commissions. Withdraw your earnings to M-Pesa or your float.
Refer and Earn: Refer a friend and earn Ksh. 50.
Become a Merchant: Act as a merchant, sell airtime online through your PAYBILL, and enjoy significant commissions.
Buy Cheap Bundles: Acquire affordable Safaricom and Airtel bundles with a 10% discount.
Shop Online for Great Deals: Explore a diverse range of phones and accessories at discounted prices.
Utility Payments Made Easy: Conveniently pay for your favorite TV subscriptions.

How Do I Quickly Convert Airtime into M-Pesa in Kenya?

You can also dial 702*55# and easily convert your airtime into M-Pesa by selecting the appropriate option. Once you dial the number, you will have to click option two; convert airtime to Mpesa.

Olickhom, with its user-centric features, not only simplifies airtime to M-Pesa conversion but also offers a one-stop solution for various mobile-related transactions.

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